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I have a really good nose! Sure, there's various dead-animal location technology, such as FLIR heat-detection devices that can detect decaying bodies (which are warmer) or corpse-sniffing dogs, but these things aren't always helpful. A lot of animals die in attics, where a dog doesn't help, or ductwork or other places where you can't see heat. The best technology is my nose and my experience! My nose is so good that I can usually detect the species of animal just by the smell! I know animal behavior and architecture so well that I have an excellent instinct about where the carcass lies.

We are Dayton Dead Animal– a company made up of qualified and experienced wild animal removal controllers that work in Dayton, and across Ohio. We can offer you a fast and discreet service, removing both wild and dead animals in a timely fashion and at a good price. We can service all types of premises, including homes, apartment blocks, schools, places of worship, libraries, shops, office blocks, food establishments, and many more; and we can also deal with a wide range of wild animals, including opossums, bats, raccoons, rats, snakes, frogs, mice, foxes, coyotes, pigeons, Canada geese, and many more. You can call for us on a one-off basis, or book us for regular pest inspections to ensure that any problems are resolved immediately. Our prices are the best in the area, and our attention to detail is second-to-none. We focus on getting the job done in a friendly and professional manner, tailoring our approach to removal and control to suit the property, the customer, and the specific animal(s) involved. Our team of technicians are the Dayton experts in locating dead animals in the deepest recesses of old, complex buildings, and we are often called to finish a job that another contractor started – but couldn’t finish. Take a peek at our reviews from previous happy customers, or get in touch with us for an informal chat. Our 24/7 call handlers are friendly, can offer you plenty of advice, and will happily book you a same-day/next-day appointment with our highly skilled pest controllers.